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Sample Trainings & Workshops:


At Linda Bailey Leadership trainings are customizes for clients based on their goals. A select sample of past offerings includes:


Keys to Self Understanding:

  • Managing Personal Perceptions through 360° Evaluations:  Offer several types of 360° evaluations, where team leaders and members anonymously offer insights on each other. Create developmental goals from the feedback you receive.

  • Using the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI):  Learning personal innate gifts and blind spots is foundational to effective leadership.

  • Meeting Your Shadow, and Understanding How It Plays Out Under Stress: Learn about the three most destructive habits that relate to stress and how to return to equilibrium.

  • Understanding The Enneagram: Discover nine different personality types and how each can harness transformational, psychological and spiritual growth. Acquire insights into the deepest desires, motivations, fears and red flags for each type.

  • Emotional Intelligence: IQ is a threshold requirement but what many leaders are now acknowledging is that their EQ is what differentiates successful leaders from the rest of the pack. Discover your EQ and what it tells you about your ability to lead a team.

  • Getting Rid of Monkeys to Make Room for Gorillas: Time and Energy Management: Learn how to ensure the right things are being done the right way at the right time by the right people.

  • The Four Temperaments: Learn about the four main kinds of intelligence that guide how people view and interact with the world. Use David Keirsey’s seminal personality assessment to learn which intelligence is most prevalent in you.  Identify the core needs that drive your behavior and what personality attributes you need to leverage for managed growth and improved success.


Keys to Team Understanding:

  • Building a Culture of Trust: Take a survey identifying the potential dysfunctions of a team. Learn to build “trust accounts” with others, as inspired by Patrick Lencioni’s research into the components of highly effective teams and Stephen Covey’s book The Speed of Trust.

  • Understanding the Role of Conflict in Success: Together teams learn about the benefits of conflict, how individual personality impacts conflict and what your most common conflict “mode” is. Training includes practicing situational leadership and conflict management/resolution.

  • Four Frames for Leadership: Based on work from Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal. Learn your preferences for working in the Structural, Human Resource, Political and Symbolic Frames and how to "frame and reframe" business problems to achieve maximum results.

  • Identifyng Personal Change Styles: Using the Change Style Indicator (CSI) Discover if you are a conserver, pragmatist or originator and understand your innate reactions to change and how they differ from others.

  • Establishing Win-Win Communication: Learn the impact of personality on style, how to choose the best method of communication, how to have difficult conversations and how to give and receive effective feedback.

  • Checking the Compass, Life Balance and Polarity Management: Understand the difference between “problems to solve” and “polarities to manage” and adjust your compass in five potential areas. 

"I  was very happy to be able to tap into Linda’s expertise when our company found itself encountering a time of tremendous growth. Linda quickly put together a two-day seminar for our company’s partners to explore thoughts and goals and open up dialogue around where we wanted to take our company, how best to channel our growth and where we should focus our individual strengths. It was an energizing and invigorating session that has had long-lasting results. I personally refer back to the materials and output from the session with regularity."


Megan Jones

Former President & CEO

Lokion Interactive

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