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Leadership is about fully becoming yourself—unleashing the leaders within by turning,   yourself “inside out” – getting clarity about your natural leadership talents.  Only then can you successfully lead others and inspire vision, innovatively solve problems, resolve conflicts, be a catalyst for change and create a culture of trust, commitment and accountability in your organization.


Typically Bailey's work is delivered through the facilitation of a series of workshops. For some clients that means a one-time event with a team that can last anywhere from a ½ day to 2 full days. For other clients that means an annual curriculum that is designed and delivered to multiple groups over the course of a year or more.


Sessions are custom designed for the leadership development needs of you, your team and your organization. She becomes a full partner with clients and specializes in tailored trainings that are asset-based, interactive and grounded in individualized assessments – creating highly effective teams that maximize performance and achieve better results.



  • Leading from Strength Workshops for Corporations, Non-Profits and other Groups looking to work together more efficiently.  

  • Organizational Coaching for top executives and senior leaders to clarify vision, create culture, build strategy and alignment, define roles and hire the right people.

  • Learning Styles of Children Workshops that identify children's styles of communicating, making decisions and relating to others. Results equip teachers, parents and children with productive and effective strategies for learning.

  • One-on-One Coaching to close the gap between potential and performance with a confidential coaching partnership. We assess your strengths, challenge your assumptions and support you on a personal journey of leadership growth to tap your talents and realize your full potential.


"I feel our training session will pay dividends for the months and years to come. We asked Linda to

focus on improving communications with our team members, who have all worked with each other for many years.


Throughout our day long session, she was able to foster an understanding of how each of our executives has innate personality differences that effect how we communicate with each other, and with this understanding our team members were able to learn to see beyond the barriers that have reduced efficiencies for us in the past."


Mark Fogelman


Fogelman Management Group

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