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Talent Management

“I encourage you to benefit from CubeSmart’s experience and initiate discussions with Linda.  It’s an investment that is wise, an investment that is forward thinking, and most of all, an investment with tangible and demonstrable return.  This is the hiring, training and management trend of the future, and we are lucky to have found a partner who understands the needs of our industry so well.”


- Dean Jernigan, CEO, CubeSmart

Having “the right people” in the right positions is critical to any organization’s success, just like having “the wrong people” can lead to failure.  We developed a diagnostic approach to match the right people to the right jobs that reduced turnover nationally for one client from 63.34% to 34% in the first year and to 28% in the following year.


Bailey advises who is the right fit for you, your organization’s culture and your way of doing things. Grounded in the foremost research on best hiring practices, our system meets all EEOC standards and is customized to be job and organization-specific. She measures preferred behaviors of job candidates, and their internal values and motivators, which are rarely detected in a typical job interview. 





"Our people are our assets at Green Square Capital, and we make a significant investment in time when we bring on a new member of our team. Linda’s analytical process for selecting new members of a team has enhanced our process and success rate at hiring the right people for the right position.” 


Steve Samson, Co-Founder & Senior Managing Director Green Square Capital

Linda on "Hiring Mistakes"

Promise to Clients:


As a result of this process you will get a candidate who has the skills and talents the job requires and is the best possible fit for your organization’s culture.

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